Description400 Billion Star Systems. Infinite Freedom. Blaze Your Own Trail.

*Horizons Season Now Included!*
Experience a whole new angle on the galaxy with the Horizons season, now included in Elite Dangerous. Journey from the stars to the surfaces of strange worlds, hit the ground running in the Scarab Surface Recon Vehicle, craft weapons, deploy ship-launched fighters and experience exhilarating multicrew co-op action.

*A Galaxy Of Wonders*
The 400 billion star systems of the Milky Way are the stage for Elite Dangerous' open-ended gameplay. The real stars, planets, moons, asteroid fields and black holes of our own galaxy are built to their true epic proportions in the largest designed playspace in videogame history.

*The Original Open World Adventure*
Elite Dangerous is the third sequel to 1984's genre-defining Elite, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure into the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entire Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions.

*A Unique Connected Game Experience*
Governments fall, battles are lost and won, and humanity’s frontier is reshaped, all by players’ actions. In an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, every player’s personal story influences the connected galaxy and handcrafted evolving narrative.

*Blaze Your Own Trail*
Upgrade your ship and customize every component as you hunt, explore, fight, mine, smuggle, trade and survive in the cutthroat galaxy of the year 3301. Do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite.

*Massively Multiplayer*
Experience unpredictable encounters with players from around the world in Elite Dangerous’ vast massively multiplayer space. Experience the connected galaxy alone in Solo mode or with players across the world in Open Play, where every pilot you face could become a trusted ally or your deadliest enemy.

*A Living Game*
Elite Dangerous grows and expands with new features and content. Major updates react to the way players want to play and create new gameplay opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of players cooperating, competing and exploring together in the connected galaxy.System requirementsMinimum Requirements
OSWindows 7/8/10 64-bit
ProcessorQuad Core CPU (4 x 2Ghz)
Memory6 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidia GTX 470/AMD R7 240
DirectXVersion 11
NetworkBroadband Internet connection
Storage25 GB available space
Recommended Requirements
OSWindows 7/8/10 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i7-3770K Quad Core CPU or better / AMD FX 4350 Quad Core CPU or better
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidia GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
DirectXVersion 11
NetworkBroadband Internet connection
Storage25 GB available space
Additional NotesSupports SteamVR, Oculus Rift and TrackIR
Legal noteElite © 1984 David Braben & Ian Bell. Frontier © 1993 David Braben, Frontier: First Encounters © 1995 David Braben and Elite Dangerous © 1984 - 2016 Frontier Developments Plc. 'Elite', the Elite logo, the Elite Dangerous logo, 'Frontier' and the Frontier logo are registered trademarks of Frontier Developments plc. Elite Dangerous: Horizons and Elite Dangerous: Arena are trademarks of Frontier Developments plc. All other trademarks and copyright are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Elite Dangerous

  • Activation: Steam key
  • Developer: Frontier Developments
  • Genre: Simulation, Strategy
  • Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil
  • Platform: PC
  • Release Date: 02 april 2015
  • Publisher: Frontier Developments
  • €24.99