• Asterogues
DescriptionBeat up planets in this cosmic bullet hell shoot-em-up hybrid! Pick your character from a band of outcasts banished to the Asteroid Belt, and take revenge against the Solar System!

Cast out by the Sun itself, each rebel must use their unique power along with the items and weapons they collect to beat their way to the center of the Solar System and get revenge. Across various zones, swarms of asteroids, aliens, and stars attempt to crush the rebellion - and only the most adept fighter stands a chance of avoiding their endless onslaught. And even then, the 8 planets stand vigilant over their territories, ready to destroy any tresspassers that dare to pass. Are you strong enough to deliver retribution?

Pick Your Rogue!

Each character has their own bone to pick with the Sun, and their own special ability to turn enemies' bullets against them! Unlock and master each character!

Collect Items!

Find dozens of unique passive and active items during your run, create powerful synergies, and get a new experience each time you play!

Defeat Enemies!

The Solar System is packed full of loyal Sun-worshippers firing their own unique projectiles! Learn each bullet and each enemy pattern to stand a chance of winning!

Beat Up Planets!

The 8 planets control the Solar System under the Sun's command. You'll have to take them down before you get a chance at the Sun itself!Trailer Asterogues

System requirementsMinimum Requirements
OSWindows 7
ProcessorDual Core 2.4 GHz
Memory4 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
Storage1 GB available space
Recommended Requirements
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  • Activation: Steam key
  • Developer: pipotchi600
  • Genre: Adventure, Indie, Action
  • Languages:
  • Platform: PC
  • Release Date: 30 september 2023
  • Publisher: Freedom! Family Alabama
  • €14.99
  • €11.98